The Fan Engagement Challenge


Live Music is all about full personal immersion in a collective unpredictable experience. Today, Livestreaming has become a commodity but also, by default a new window of expression for confined artists. Live music online can be a lot more than few cameras in front of a band performing. A deeper approach on fan engagement and interactions with third party services and new devices needs to be explored as well as a proper curatorial approach to the content design and storytelling. Can Festivals & Venues reinvent their online environnement as an extension to physical gigs ? 

It's time to move the live music online forward. We are looking for startups / teams / individuals to come up with novel ideas, concepts and solutions for 3 subtracks.

Challenge addressing the following topics, with examples of specific pain points to be addressed 


  • How to reach / engage fans as a stand alone experience out of existing social media?
  • Data Collection: how to know your audience better through Live Streaming Data?
  • Consumer Marketing: how to use Live Streaming as a Digital Marketing tool?


  • Fan Participation: how to translate native “concert” crowd gimmicks in a digital world? How about fans contributing to the stage design ? 
  • Social Interaction: concerts are social gathering. How about online gigs becoming social medium? 
  • Personnalisation: how to make a virtual concert experience user-centric without losing collective “emotion”? 


  • XR / AR: how to create an accessible immersive Live experience from Artist’s home to Fan’s living room? 
  • 3D Sound: how to enhance virtual Live Experience with Immersive Sound with accessible equipment?  
  • Gamification: how to scale integration of Live Performance in Gaming?