The Access Challenge


Reshaping live experience in the digital space entails for the music industry providers to reconsider operating practices so   as to ensure overall activity sustainability. Which means having better predictability of necessary efforts and associated spendings to reach the audience at the different stages of the live experience programing, from “production”, to “Broadcast” as in “Curation”. New operational support frameworks are to be provided to the music industry providers in reference to the audience they need to reach. We are thus looking forward to receiving new ideas, concepts and solutions from startups, teams and individuals.         

Challenge addressing the following topics, with examples of specific pain points to be addressed 


  1. Lower costs solutions 
  2. Cloud based Production Solutions
  3. Multi-Source technology for Bands / Jams 


  1. Streaming Capacity 
  2. Multi-Angle Sync 
  3. Territorial Regulation


  1. Searchability / Directory
  2. Editorial 
  3. Recommandation