The Value Challenge

Challenge addressing the following topics

As live streaming of music is becoming mainstream with the help of the pandemic, there is a huge need for services and tools

where music professionals can earn revenues from their performances. With free-to-stream services, anybody can set up a live stream of a performance but without a proper way to monetize it. 

At the same live streaming of events lacks proper tools for collecting event and performance information for copyright management purposes. Even though most major social media platforms are licensed by labels, publishers and PROs, the licenses do not necessarily cover live streaming or for small-scale use.

We are looking for startups/teams/individuals to come up with novel ideas, concepts and solutions for 2 substracks.


New business models to monetize live streaming of concerts

Nayment/ticketing solutions for live streaming of gigs

Added value services to monetize live streaming of concerts (data, audience, views, usage etc.)


Solutions to collect and submit various data on events and setlists for copyright reporting of live streamed events

Usage of automated music recognition in generating setlist information of live streamed events

Payment technologies for royalty payments from live streaming 

Solutions to measure live stream audiences with accuracy